Make Your Space More Relaxing

Heritance® Wood Shutters
Heritance® Wood Shutters

After the stress of the workday, having a space where you can unwind might be a priority for you. At F&R Interiors serving the greater Los Angeles area, we know how important relaxation is to many people. That’s why we’re sharing a few ideas on how to create a nice haven. Read on for more, and be sure to speak with one of our representatives for more tips.

The Calming Nature of a Neutral Palette

As most people know, bright colors amp up the vibe in a room. Which is fine for an active room. But for a space that encourages slowing down, a neutral palette with milder colors can be better. To help your zone not be “boring,” you can add pops of color in specific areas to brighten the tone, and you can add texture in things like area rugs, comfy blankets, throw pillows, and artwork to create additional visual interest.

Get Rid of the Clutter

It might not impact your conscious thinking, but any form of clutter could be gnawing at your subconscious, making it harder for you to relax. So clear the clutter. Use baskets, soft space cubes, or decorative boxes as storage for things like mail or paperwork. Pare down your décor to only the items you really love—a busy room can lead to anxiety and stress.

Invite Relaxing Activities

If you find peace in reading, listening to music, or doing jigsaw or crossword puzzles, designate one “calm” area for that activity. This doesn’t mean that other areas aren’t relaxing for you, but in this one area, after time, you might find that you’ve trained your brain to start to immediately relax as soon as you sit down.

Use Natural Light to Its Best

The way that sunlight plays through a window can feel magical, so get window fashions that help highlight it at its best. For perfect light diffusion, check out products like Silhouette® Window Shadings, Pirouette® Window Shadings, or Designer Banded Shades from Hunter Douglas. If you want to control the way the light enters, consider the tilting power of Heritance® Hardwood Shutters. To get full sunlight with privacy control, consider the top-down/bottom-up operation available on many Hunter Douglas shades. Be sure to speak with one of our specialists to find out what will be best in your particular space.

A More Relaxing Home in the Brentwood and Sherman Oaks CA Area

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