Cornices, Valances & Top Treatments Los Angeles, Beverly Hills CA
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Valances, cornices and top treatments play an important role of the overall effect of many contemporary window treatments. Today’s windows frame the scenery of the outside world and add the perfect complimentary accent to your décor. At F&R Interiors, we have the wide range of valances, cornices and window treatments to make the perfect addition to any window of your home. From the elegance of flat, boxed valances to the romance of ruffled and gathered florals, we have the window treatments Los Angeles homes need to convey the right atmosphere. Whether used alone or in combination with other window treatments, no other window treatment offers more versatility and options than valances!


Below are a few of our most popular styles:


A window cornice adds a strong architectural character to any room.  It is a box like wooden valance that can be covered in fabric, wallpaper or painted.  It is also a great solution to conceals mounting hardware for drapes and blinds.  If you already have interesting molding, we can design the cornice to match. Otherwise, let your mind run free. You can pair your cornice with drapes or use along to provide a more formal look.

Simple Valance

A simple valance is primarily used to hide window treatment hardware or to add color and softness to a room. A simple valance is the most basic and casual of treatments and can be simply a piece of fabric attached with either rings, clip or pocket rod.

Pleated Valance

A pleated valance is a bit more traditional and formal than a simple valance.  The box-pleated valance lands straight down over the window and is generally attached to the window with an L-shaped rod. Resembles the look of a cornice, but with softer edges.


A Balloon or pouf valance add softness and color and is an ideal top treatment for small windows either used alone or paired with café curtains or blinds.  Usually a balloon valance will be fitted outside the window recess and add a unique look to any room.


Swags and cascades go together to create a beautiful more formal window treatment. A swag without the cascading fabric is basically a piece of fabric loosely slung and draped over a decorative rod.  For a little more style, they can be wound over a tieback at each corner of a window frame.  There are many different ways to hang swags, but one of the most common is a simple swag, where the swag drapes in the middle like a valance; the ends, either cut into diagonals or simply hemmed, softly hang down on each side of the window. Both create a chic look.



Custom Draperies and hardware offer a finished look. We serve homeowners and businesses throughout Los Angeles and surrounding areas such as, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, Brentwood, Pacific Palisades, Malibu, Hancock Park, Los Feliz and Hollywood Hills, CA.  Please contact us for more information on our custom top treatment solutions or to schedule a free in-home design consultation appointment.