Interior Design Tips for Room Makeovers

Alustra Silhouette® Shades Los Angeles
Alustra Silhouette® Shades Los Angeles

At F&R Interiors serving the greater Los Angeles area, many customers tell us that they are a bit daunted about making over a space because they’re afraid they’ll “do it wrong.” What we say is, as long as you’re comfortable in the space, it can’t be wrong. Below, we offer a few tips on how to approach a room makeover. Check them out, and be sure to contact one of our representatives for more info!

Walls and Light in Your Design

Because walls generally cover the most area of a room, you might want to focus there first. Color (whether it’s on the entire wall or through decoration) is a consideration here. Choose a color that will set the tone—neutrals like cream, beige, and gray can help make a good background for other elements of your decoration or design to pop; brighter colors will draw the eye. Hang artwork at eye level for greater comfort. To help you arrange the artwork in a pleasing way, you can take a picture of the wall and use an app or drawing feature to map out how to fill the area.

How is Floor Space Important?

An area rug can change everything about a room immediately. Think about how the furniture will be on best on it. Depending on the rug’s size, you can place the furniture entirely on it, entirely off it, or with just the front feet on it. Even if you don’t get an area rug, think about how the furniture arrangement should flow. Try not to crowd the space by letting each piece breathe. Choose elements that will help the function of the room. For example, if you plan to entertain in the space, be sure to account for places where your guests can set drinks.

Light and Its Impact

Lighting can impact the feel of a room, so use it to your advantage. Choose lighting that works for the way the room is used—brighter lighting for a workspace and more soothing lighting for a bedroom. Natural lighting can make a big difference as well. If your windows face south, for example, you’ll get plenty of direct light throughout the day, so you might want to have a window treatment that blocks it; shutters like Heritance® Wood Shutters from Hunter Douglas are a statement piece that might also add value to your home. To help beautifully diffuse light, consider Silhouette® Window Shadings. To learn more about how window fashions can play a role in making over your room, speak with one of our consultants today.

Room Makeovers in the Brentwood & Beverly Hills CA Areas

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