Adding Earth Tones in Your Design Look

Provenance® Woven Woods
Provenance® Woven Woods

Earth tones are both trendy and classic, and they can help create a warm, welcoming space. But adding or changing color can be intimidating. At F&R Interiors serving the greater Los Angeles area, we have a few tips that can hopefully reduce the intimidation factor, so if you’ve been thinking of adding color, especially earth tones, check out our ideas below!

Reasons to Choose Earth Tones

Earth tones can help bring a sense of the outdoors in, adding a sense of balance and calm and creating an inviting space. People consider earth tones to be friendly, contemporary, and inviting. They are most commonly associated with living rooms and family rooms, the places where people tend to gather in a home, but they also work well in bedrooms and kitchens.

Adding Earth Tone Colors

Because earth tones can have great variation, finding the right combination can take a bit of trial and error. To begin, choose a palette you like, selecting colors that will pair well. Examples include ivory with terracotta, red brick with ashy gray, deep brown with charcoal, dusty mauve with beige, and tan with forest green. As you approach adding your color, start by mimicking the actual world—use muted colors from the outdoors, like warm browns (think dirt) with olive (think fall leaves). Stay away from glossy or shiny colors, because they’ll look unnatural. Be sure that larger pieces, such as rugs or bedding, are in the muted tones. Next, bring in texture to make the earth tones pop more. Consider textured wallpaper or choose a landscape print. Decorate with items made with burlap, cement, or wood. Finally, add layers to make the space feel intentional and create visual interest.

Window Treatments

Don’t forget your windows, which can be a focal point in the room. You can find a wide variety of Hunter Douglas window treatments that can complement or add to your new earth tone palette. To create or enhance a natural look, consider Provenance® Woven Wood Shades, which are made from woods, reeds, grasses, or bamboo. Or look at Vignette® Roman Shades, which come in over 25 fabric and color choices and will add a sense of elegance and style. To achieve a layered look, consider the fabrics from our custom drapery options where you’ll also find coordinating hardware and accessories that will tie the entire look together.

Adding Earth Tones in the Brentwood & Sherman Oaks CA Areas

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